Katy Perry is an Enigma

Hmm…a real mystery this one. Katy Perry has always seemed to have portrayed a somewhat mysterious quality but I thought it was all pretty much for show. Did she really kiss a girl and like it? Does she really think she’s a swimmer from the 50s, as most of her outfits would suggest? Yet she keeps this very serious relationship with Travis McCoy and seems to be like a normal human being when she talks about him. When they broke up early this year she was said to not only be devastated but also talk about it openly at her shows. Then she gets back together with him and we see shiny, happy Katy again. Silly and frivolous but normal none the less. Now she has conflicting quotes that leave me scratching my head.

Katy recently speaks in an interview and she talks about how she thinks sleeping around and sharing bodily fluids with casual hookups is disgusting. It seems on its own as a very refreshing outlook from a very big star that could send a very good message to young girls. From Gossip Girls,

“While she certainly doesn’t shy away from using sex appeal to boost her popularity, Katy Perry isn’t the type of girl to sleep around town.

Talking about needing to get to know someone before getting intimate, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer tells, “For me, it’s not a past time, going out and meeting people and trying to hook up with people. That actually makes me feel disgusting. From a really early age, I was really sensitive to that.”

Ms Perry continues, “Getting your flirt on is the best thing in the world, but when it comes to sharing bodily fluids with a person I don’t know — no thank you.”

Yep, it all sounds great. Until you turn around and tell a radio station that you’d like to have sex with John Mayer. Apparently he’s not so disgusting to swap bodily fluids with. He’s only the biggest playboy in all of Hollywood. From Pop Crunch,

“In an interview with Australian radio’s Kyle and Jackie O, Katy Perry was asked who she would shoot, shag or marry when it comes to rockers Benji Madden, Pete Wentz, and John Mayer.

The “Waking Up In Vegas” singer replied that she would marry Pete because he is such a great dad to son Bronx, shoot Benji and ended by saying, “I couldn’t marry John Mayer, it’d be so intense. I’d definitely shag the sh*t out of him though. I’ll go on record saying that.”

So, ew – for starters. Any woman who is going to claim publicly that they would like to have sex with John Mayer better be fully expecting him to show up on their doorstep a short while later ready to romp. So I hope she meant it. But I also don’t understand why in one interview she’s talking about how pure she is and in the next talking about how she wants to bed such a player! Someone who stands for the exact opposite of not sleeping around!

I’m not saying that I think this makes Katy Perry a horrible role model. I think that would be a bit harsh and I think there’s far too much pressure on celebrities to uphold pristine standards anyway. But I do find her opposing stances confusing. Whatever, I still like her and she puts out great music regardless of who she wants to shag. And if that’s what you want to do, Katy, you go right ahead. I’m sure he’ll shag you right back.

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