Will Mel Marry Oksana?

The Oksana of course, being the young Russian, Oksana Grigorieva, mistress-turned-girlfriend and mother-to-be of his child, Mel Gibson. Ever since the pregnancy was first confirmed by the National Enquirer, the question floating around seems to be whether or not Mel will marry the former unknown. I would be inclined to think not only because I have difficulty believing that anyone with as much experience as Mel Gibson knows how things work and that he’s already lost half of everything to Robyn – he might want to keep the other half for himself for a little while. But maybe all of it’s a moot point anyway because apparently Oksana’s threatening to call the whole thing off due to Mel’s constant drinking. From National Enquirer,

“Mel Gibson’s pregnant girlfriend has already slapped him with an ultimatum: “Go to rehab – or we’re through!”

The Enquirer has learned Oksana – the woman behind Mel’s $1 billion divorce – is demanding the Oscar winner get professional help with his booze addiction or she’s prepared to cut all ties.

“Oksana wants Mel to deal with his drinking on a long-term basis,” a source close to the couple said.

“Mel’s got a hair-trigger temper when he’s drunk, and Oksana insists she won’t stick around when he’s like that. She’s informed Mel that if he doesn’t go to rehab, she’ll bow out of the picture before they go any further.”

The 53-year-old superstar – whose 2006 DUI arrest and anti-Semitic meltdown made headlines around the world – has struggled for years with a drinking problem. And while he’s owned up to alcoholism and is a big AA supporter, [Mel] has never entered a residential rehab program to deal with his addiction.

Oksana – who is four months pregnant with his baby – believes alcoholism is the reason [Mel] indulged in so many extramarital affairs, according to another source.

“Oksana thinks Mel will be less likely to cheat on her if he’s not out drinking,” a Gibson family friend told the Enquirer. “But she knows that Mel’s very stubborn and that it’s hard forhim to stop drinking, especially now with all the changes in his life.”

“The good thing is that Mel really loves Oksana, and he desperately wants to get his act together. He says he’s willing to do whatever she wants, but only time will tell if he stands by his words.”

A feud [between Mel, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Robyn and their seven kids] over Mel’s fortune has ensued, and sources say Mel’s older kids are worried their hefty trust funds are at stake due to his new relationship.”

I would normally think that Oksana wouldn’t be that stupid either. Something about not pooping where you sleep comes to mind. But I’m not sure. Women who are enraged and feeling threatened, as Oksana obviously is if she’s worried about him cheating on her, say and do crazy things and you add pregnancy hormones into the mix and there’s no telling what could happen! Not to mention that it’s someone who’s attracted to Mel Gibson and so, she’s gotta be some kind of crazy to begin with.

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#1 Ocean Wings on 06.05.09 at 6:01 pm

Or some kind of “VERY CALCULATED WOMAN”…

She wasn’t attracted to the man but to the money.

If his dog was to inheritate his fortune, she will jump the dog and get preggy with it and marry it.

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