Why Do These Two Keep Talking?

Candy and Tori Spelling have one of the most famous parent/child feuds in all of Hollywood. It may have all started when Tori’s famous dad, Aaron Spelling died but I think the trouble probably started long before that and that his death was just a tragic event that sent the whole thing on a downward spiral. But ever since that […]

Rihanna is Going to do the Right Thing

I might have to stop being so hard on Rihanna because it seems that she’s going to end up doing the right thing when it comes to the charges against Chris Brown. Ever since the night he mistook her for a punching bag, Rihanna has always said that she would cooperate with authorities and do whatever was […]

Will Mel Marry Oksana?

The Oksana of course, being the young Russian, Oksana Grigorieva, mistress-turned-girlfriend and mother-to-be of his child, Mel Gibson. Ever since the pregnancy was first confirmed by the National Enquirer, the question floating around seems to be whether or not Mel will marry the former unknown. I would be inclined to think not only because I have difficulty believing that anyone with […]