Paris, Paris, Paris

Oh yawn. Really, when is Paris going to realize that she has nothing worthwhile to say and just shut her big yap. It seems that when she’s not busy groping Doug Reinhardt, she’s busy twittering about how she’s sick of all the rumors and now she’s out to debunk the current one – that she was kicked off a friend’s yacht for not being able to keep it in her skirt while at a party with – guess who? Of course, Dougy-Boy. From Pop Crunch,

“Paris Hilton not welcome on a yacht? Puhleeze! The fame-seeking heiress has taken to her MySpace Blog to debunked reorts that she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were kicked off a yacht in Cannes last week for some stomach-turnng public displays of mating.

Paris writes: “That story some tabloid ran about my boyfriend and I on a yacht is such a lie that it’s a joke! That was my good friend’s boat and first of all she would never ask me to leave and second of all I would never do that.”

The heiress goes on to complain about the media creating bogus stories about her. So what else is new? She adds, “It’s so lame that people will just create these crazy stories. I can’t believe the stories people will make up, so gross! I’m so sick of all these false rumors, it’s not fair that writers can get away it. They have no credibility.”

Okay, so people ‘making stories up’ is gross? What exactly then do you call having not one, not two, but three sex tapes?! And they have no credibility? Again, I feel I must go back to the sex tape argument. Seeing as how the story goes that Paris and Doug were kicked off because they tried to get it on in the bathroom of the yacht, I’m totally buying this story despite the fact that it’s no more credible or less disgusting than Paris herself.

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#1 lou-lou on 05.27.09 at 4:25 am

Paris is an idiot and I hate her. She prolly started this rumor just so she could deny it and create some drama. I guess she needs the attention. What a pathetic loser.

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