Will You Watch Jon and Kate?

The much-anticipated season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus Eight aired tonight and I must say, I thought they’d tip-toe around the issue and try to come off of this perfectly happy married couple that’s just going through a ‘tough time.’ Well they did admit to going through a tough time but there was no talk of a happy marriage or any kind of love they had for each other. This episode truly left me wondering if Jon and Kate Gosselin are going to make it, and even if they’re going to continue for appearances sake, which I was also pretty sure they were going to do.

The episode flicks back and forth between Kate planning the sextuplets’ 5th birthday party and separate interviews with Jon and Kate. Jon’s interviews were quite candid I thought, although he did deny cheating on Kate, which I don’t believe. I thought during his separate interview that he was more trying to plead his case to the public and then when they were finally interviewed together at the end, he was really just trying to find a way out. It seems his arguments are that he resents the fact that it was ‘decided for him’ two years ago that he would quit his job to stay home  with the kids and now he’s mad that Kate’s busy promoting her book and doing tours to care for the kids at home – or be at home at all for that matter. One of Jon’s biggest complaints is that he’s in the spotlight so much and he ‘didn’t sign up for the media show.’

Kate was also busy giving her side of the story in her own interview and I did see from her what I expected. She didn’t say whether she did or did not believe ‘what they’re saying’, referring to the tabloids but she never directly addressed what any of the negative press was. We did see a lot of her organizing the party and complaining about how she was doing it all herself because Jon needed a weekend off. Here she made herself out to be some kind of awesome parent while Jon did nothing at all. She also added that Jon has help and is not doing it all alone. Mind you, that help is not herself – the mother of those children. She continued to blame Jon for the way heacts in the media.

Jon made it pretty clear that he has walked out on the marriage already. Kate said that she ‘is here’, which viewers I guess should take to mean that she wants to work things out and how she will always be there for the kids. Jon also says that he will always be there for the kids and that they both will be but he also adds, ‘married or not’ and continues to make such comments. Kate also talks about the high divorce rate among parents of multiples and how she once thought they would beat all that. It was nice to see a more human side of Kate when she talked about this in particular. 

So what are my thoughts? I think Kate’s a psychobag and Jon’s a cheater. I think they’re both at fault for the marriage falling apart. However, I think Jon sees that it’sover and wants out as fast as possible – from the marriage and the show. I think Kate knows it’s over too but sees all that money leaving too and can’t stand the thought of it. So, what’s going to happen? Will you watch this season to find out? I hate to admit it but, I most likely will.

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#1 Glo on 05.27.09 at 2:21 am

In the first year of Jon and Kate, i enjoyed watching the show, and since then i noticed that Kate is really a tough woman and it seems that she’s the boss of the house, i feel sorry of Jon because he just a quiet guy. Then, as day passed by i’m tired of watching that its just because of Kate, i dont like her! I dont blame Jon to leave her but I feel sorry of the kids, 8 kids !!! its okay if 1 or 2 but 8 small kids….pls. for the sake of your kids, both of you should talk without camera…just talk heart to heart not in front of camera and also for you Kate, you should swallow the high pride you have even a little, dont be dominant !!! A lot of people noticed you as a tough and dominant woman, you are a good mother but you are not the only one, your husband is a good father also. Just be simple…that’s why i dont watch anymore your show, because of You Kate!

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