Jessica Biel Talks about Love and Beauty

I really don’t like Jessica Biel but at least nowshe has given us something semi-interesting to talk about. She has recently opened up to Parade about costarring with her live-in boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, which isn’t so interesting seeing as how that would probably be a pretty boring movie with a pretty boring cast but she’s also recently talked to Allure, where she pretty much said that her beauty was a curse and that it can become a real problem in Hollywood, especially when you’re trying to get jobs. Okay, so now she’s not only boring but she’s stupid too. 

Her latest interview with Parade covered everything from how she stays ‘normal’ to acting with Justin. Here she pretty much gives the ‘yes, I’d love to someday’ response which as I would expect, is a fairly boring answer. From People,

“Jessica Biel has already said she’s looking to expand her resume. Could a future film includeboyfriend Justin Timberlake?

“If it was the right thing, yeah, I would love to costar with Justin,” Biel, 27, tells Parade. “I just don’t know what the right thing is, though.”

With a high-profile romance – and a growing career – it would make sense that the Easy Virtue actress would be very involved in the Hollywood scene. But, she says, she and Timberlake would rather just relax together.

“We just hang out at home,” says Biel. “You have to have a real life because of the kind of crazy Hollywood stuff that you can get wrapped up in. It’s so important to have hobbies and girlfriends, and not know people that work in Hollywood.”

So that’s great. As soon as the ‘right thing’ which Jessica doesn’t know what that is, comes up, there’ll be a movie. Great. Can’t wait to see it. In a much more interesting interview, Biel talks about how difficult it is to be so beautiful and how it can really cause a problem when she’s trying to get jobs. From FoxNews,

“It’s not easy being beautiful.

Just ask Jessica Biel, who despite her stunning looks, perfect figure and hot boyfriend, says Hollywood discriminates.

In a new interview with Allure magazine, on newsstands May 26, the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” actress says that being too good-looking can be a problem for an actress.

“It really is a problem, I have to be blunt,” she says. “I just want an opportunity. If you don’t like the audition, then don’t hire me. But if you don’t want to see me, that’s hurtful.”

Ummm…first of all, I don’t understand where Jessica thinks this fabulous beauty is coming from. I mean, she’s no dog that’s for sure but she’s certainly not stunningly breathtaking and I don’t even think she’s one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Second of all, I don’t understand why she’s complaining that her beauty makes it hard to get jobs. Isn’t oneof the biggest and most common complaints about Hollywood is that it perpetrates unrealistic standards of  beauty – especially in women and isn’t it also a known fact that in order to become an actor or actress, it really helps if you’re easy on the eyes? I don’t understand where this came from. Maybe she was just looking for something interesting to say finally and instead, something stupid came out.

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