Jennifer Aniston is Just Like the Rest of Us

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has had her share of problems in the love-life department. She’s probably one of the most followed actresses when it comes to her personal life and ever since her high-profile marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, people have wanted to know who she’s dating and who’s heart she’s breaking. But sometimes, […]

Sean Penn’s Marriage Drama Over for Now

Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn are back together as a happy and loving couple after Sean recently filed for divorce. Apparently those papers have been torn up and thrown out and the two have decided to give things another go. Before you get all excited and happy that these two are sticking it out, it’s […]

Jessica Biel Talks about Love and Beauty

I really don’t like Jessica Biel but at least nowshe has given us something semi-interesting to talk about. She has recently opened up to Parade about costarring with her live-in boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, which isn’t so interesting seeing as how that would probably be a pretty boring movie with a pretty boring cast but she’s also recently talked […]

Would You Go to Court Over This?

I have to admit, when Kelly Rutherford first became pregnant and at the same time started divorce proceedings from her husband, Daniel Giersch, I had never heard of the Gossip Girls star. But the more I find out, the more I dislike this woman. At first she came out saying that she’s still breast-feeding her toddler son, which […]