Add Another to the Brady Bunch

Tom Brady really is a man who has it all right now. Not only did he manage to bag Gisele Bundchen and marry her not once but twice, he reportedly also got the supermodel pregnant and the two are now expecting their first child together! The story has not been confirmed yet by the couple’s camp […]

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Act Civil

It’s a sad state of affairs when two parents can sit down to dinner together, act civilly to each other, and it makes news! Well, it made news because it is extremely shocking that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen could put aside their immature and petty differences, accusations, and special nicknames for each other, to sit down […]

Robert Pattinson’s Kiss Worth Thousands

So just how much would you pay for a kiss from Robert Pattinson? Before you answer, let me clarify. The kiss constitutes a nanosecond brush of his lips against your cheek. How much is that worth? Well I’m already thinking that if I have to pay a guy to kiss me he and my money probably […]

Drake Says He’s Not Dating Rihanna

It seems that the rumor that Aubrey “Drake” Graham and Rihanna are dating, or at least very much enjoying the company of each other’s mouths, really is just a rumor. According to Graham himself, the two did hang out together but the two are nothing more than friends. So, is this the truth or another case of a […]