The Infamous Hollywood Cat Fight Continues

I’m so glad that Angelina Jolie and Madonna have one of the most infamous cat fights in Hollywood history. They are both so juvenile with overinflated egos that watching them hurl mud back and forth between each other is really quite entertaining. The feud centers, and always has centered, on the fact that both have adopted from foreign countries and both seem to want to hog all the spotlight for doing so. In order to bump one out of the spotlight, they come up with reasons why the other adopted and why these reasons aren’t justifiable. 

Why all of this has recently resurfaced I’m not all that sure but both US and In Touch have the story so Angelina must have opened her mouth somewhere because this time, it was her side that came out swinging first. From US, 

“Angelina Jolie has no mercy for Madonna! A sourceclose to the actress tells Hot Stuff that Jolie, 33, has told friends privately that she’s infuriated by the Material Girl’s adoption efforts in Malawi.

“Angelina thinks Madonna is a blatant copycat and that she’s coming from the wrong place,” says the insider of Jolie.

“Angie sees what she and Brad do as being about saving a child, but she thinks Madonna does it for publicity.”

And adopting kids isn’t the only thing Jolie thinks Madonna has done for fame: She’s told pals she believes Madge has dabbled in lesbianism “for attention and press,” whereas Jolie got involved with Jenny Shimizu at a “confused” time in her life.

Says the source, “Angie’s appalled at even being mentioned in the same breath as her.”

Asked about Jolie resenting Madge, Jolie’s rep tells Us, “This isabsolutely not true,” and Madonna’s rep says, “I can’t imagine Angelina said this! More media attention would be the last thing that would be an incentive for Madonna.”

Yeah, they both hate media attention so much! These two remind me of two sisters who just can’t seem to get along because they’re way too much alike. They’re both media whores, they both have done some pretty crazy stuff in their past, they both want to appear to the public as saints who can do no wrong and were put on this earth solely to make it better, and – least importantly, they have both adopted children who happen to be from different countries. I think they should both shut their traps.

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