Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surrogate has no Privacy

I imagine that when you agree to become the surrogate for uber-celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, one of your biggest concerns is that your life will not be the same for at least 9 months of your life. Not only are you pregnant but you’re pregnant for famous people, which kinda puts you at the top of the paparazzi’s “Most Wanted” list. These concerns are certainly valid and reason for them has become obvious to the surrogate of Sarah Jessica and Matthew, who now not only has zero privacy but has also had the people she loves threatened as well.

It seems that the threats have not only made people over at the couple’s camp pay more attention tothe security of this woman, but also of the new babies once they are born and Sarah Jessica sounds like she’s understandably, quite upset about having such a wonderful event such as two births be tarnished by such horrible things. From Digital Spy,

“Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that husband Matthew Broderick is “furious” about the privacy of their surrogate being invaded.

The woman carrying the couple’s twin daughters has allegedly had her phone and computer hacked, as well as threats made against her family and friends by the tabloid media.

Talking about Broderick’s reaction to the incidents, Parker told Access Hollywood: “He’s furious. He’s angry. He doesn’t need to know what’s upsetting me right now. It does him no good. He can’t help me. He will only worry.”

The Sex And The City star, 44, added that she does not want to think about a security plan once the babies arrive, but realises that it is a necessity.

“I don’t want to look at the delivery of our children that way, but I have been forced to for the last 48 hours… you know, everything has changed,” she said.

“I don’t want to forget in all of this to celebrate these little girls coming home.”

I don’t think there’s any worry that people will forget to celebrate their arrival no matter what…something tells me that Sarah Jessica just wouldn’t let that happen. But it is too bad to hear that such awful things are happening at a time that should only bring joy and happiness. The babies aren’t due until this summer so I wonder why the couple came out so early with the news? I imagine that they would hold off on coming out with it for as long as possible, and I would also think that you would be able to do this longer when surrogacy plays a part of things. Don’t get me wrong – I love Sarah Jessica Parker and I’m sure she had her reasons. I’m just nosy and want to know whatthey were!

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