Paris is Disgusting

What more can I say? I write this post not because there’s a great story behind it or because there’s any type of scandal but simply because Paris Hilton shows once again just how disgusting she is. I agree with Gossip Rocks, where I found the pic – there is absolutely no reason for kissing anybody […]

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Surrogate has no Privacy

I imagine that when you agree to become the surrogate for uber-celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, one of your biggest concerns is that your life will not be the same for at least 9 months of your life. Not only are you pregnant but you’re pregnant for famous people, which kinda puts […]

Your Daily Jon and Kate

Just days away from the May 25th premiere of their show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, the media is really starting to amp up even more attention on the troubled marriage, what lies ahead for the show and of course, what the fate of those eight children will be. It’s sure to be an enlightening episode […]

The Infamous Hollywood Cat Fight Continues

I’m so glad that Angelina Jolie and Madonna have one of the most infamous cat fights in Hollywood history. They are both so juvenile with overinflated egos that watching them hurl mud back and forth between each other is really quite entertaining. The feud centers, and always has centered, on the fact that both have adopted from […]