Nicole Richie’s Pregnancy Scare

It’s one of the most frightening things in the world for a woman when she is pregnant and thinks that something has gone wrong. So it was natural then that when Nicole Richie felt sharppains shooting through her very pregnant belly, she feared for the worst and pleaded with her baby daddy, Joel, to save her baby. I’ve said some pretty nasty stuff about Nicole but I have to say on this one, I feel nothing but sympathy for the girl. From National Enquirer,

“Terrified that she was going into premature labor, Nicole Richie pleaded for help from boyfriend Joel Madden when she was overcome with severe stomach pains during a night on the town recently, say sources.

“They were out to dinner in Los Angeles on one of their regular weekly date nights when Nicole felt shooting pains in her abdomen,” confided an insider. “She told Joel she felt dizzy and nauseous.

“Her deepest fear was that she was going into early labor and might lose the baby, and she freaked out because she felt so weak she thought she was going to faint. At one point, she screamed out to Joel, ‘I’m really scared! Please save my baby!'”

Nicole told Joel she wanted to go home to their house in the Hollywood Hills – and that if the pain didn’t go away, they would head to the hospital, says the insider.

Nicole had good reason to be alarmed.

“With her history of drug addiction and health issues, Nicole couldn’t shake the thought that something had gone seriously wrong with the pregnancy,” said the insider.”

Nicole was seen at the American Idol finale last night, no doubt there to support her dad Lionel Richie who performed,  and so apparently everything worked out okay and Nicole and Joel are still happily expecting parents. I’m sure Nicole is keeping her fingers crossed and doing everything she can to make sure there are no more scares inthe future. Nicole is due in August and reportedly, it’s a boy! 

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#1 NOT A FAN!!! on 05.21.09 at 1:31 pm

Shame on you for posting this! Facts should be checked before submissions get posted! It would probably be a good idea to remove this story from your site! It’s 100% FICTION!!!

#2 THIS STORY IS FALSE!! on 05.21.09 at 1:41 pm

This story has been confirmed as being 100% FALSE by Joel Madden himself. You guys are LAME!!

#3 kateb on 05.22.09 at 9:14 am

Thank you very much both of you for pointing this out and directing us to further information. Please know that we never try to spread lies and although our opinions are somewhat outspoken at times, in this case I as the author was simply trying to bring news to people and express concern and sympathy. Sorry to have apparently offended people so badly.

#4 lou-lou on 05.23.09 at 5:30 pm

Wow don’t you think “shame on you” is a touch dramatic. The article was in no way offensive to anyone so its not a big deal if it’s true or not. Besides, its the internet. There’s lots of stuff on here thats not true. Why do you care?

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