Didn’t This Happen Last Year?

Kate, Kate, Kate. It seems that Kate Hudson can never venture into new waters as far as men are concerned as she’s famous for recycling her lovers such as her infamous on-again/off-again fling with Owen Wilson. Well it seems that union, which was recently reported to have been rekindled in February, has once again fizzled out and Kate has turned her attention back to Alex Rodriguez, a man who was once known for his incredible athletic talent and who is now more known for his love life. A-Rod of course, was at the center of things when Madonna was getting divorced from Guy Ritchie and A-Rod also separated from his wife after she divorced him for his relations with Madonna. 

During the midst of all this, Kate Hudson was seen with A-Rod at a Miami party in November where she was seen flirting and trying to supposedly canoodle him. Although at the time it didn’t seem to turn into too much, Kate has reportedly once again gone into her little black book of past men and found A-Rod’s number. But this time, A-Rod, without controlling Madge at his side, has reciprocated and the two were supposedly all over each other in the back of a restaurant. Hmm..to be believed? From Star,

“It seems that Kate Hudson has been enjoying Madonna’s leftovers.
The actress, who has a reputation for being a bit of a maneater (Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, Dax Shepherd are her more recent conquests), was seen making out with Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez on Friday, reports Page Six.

Kate, who has a son with ex-hubby Chris Robinson, was seen in the stands at Yankee Stadium on Friday night. But the real game took place later at Manhattan’s Mustang Grill. The gossip column reports that a bartender “was asking patrons not to go in the back room around 1 a.m. because A-Rod and Kate Hudson were back there making out.” Another source said that the two were also seen outside A-Rod’s apartment building.”

Now the fact that Kate Hudson was seen (or heard) making out with A-Rod would come as no surprise to me. But the fact that it wasn’t even seen by anyone and that it happened in the back of a restaurant is just too sleazy and I can’t imagine that either of these two uber-famous people, who could go anywhere they wanted, would actually choose this as their romantic interlude locale. That being said, they were still seen together at the game and have been linked romantically in the past so I’m not laying this rumor completely to rest just yet…

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