The Gosselins Join the Sham Line

Things between Jon and Kate Gosselin have been way too crazy lately with affair accusations being thrown back and forth and things getting so bad that Kate’s parenting skills have even been brought into question. So what do you do when your marriage is falling apart, everyone who’s ever known you is talking and your world is literally falling down around you? You throw a party and smile happily for the cameras, of course! And that’s just what Jon, Kate, and the other 8 did this weekend as the majority of those ankle-biters celebrated their 5th birthday. From Daily Blabber,

“Jon & Kate Gosselin managed to put on a happy face for the cameras, as their sextuplets celebrated their fifth birthday.

Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel had a bash at the Blue Falls Grove water park in Pennsylvania Sunday, while a TLC camera crew caught all the festivities on film.

This is the first time Jon & Kate have been photographed together since all the affair talk went down.”

Hmm…five years old. I’d say just about the time that the kids are starting to really notice what’s going on between mommy and daddy and that the fighting is getting out of control. I think this picture of the party pretty much sums up the Gosselin life – Kate is trying to look like the mom who can handle just about anything, Jon is trying to look interested while doing a piss-poor job of it, and the small fleet of children is running amuck.

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