Suri Cruise’s First Crush

She seems to be a tad young to me for a first crush but that may be why children who grow up too close to Hollywood get so screwed up. Well, that and the fact that she has Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as parents so as far as being screwed up is concerned, I suppose that with Suri, it’s inevitable. It seems that she has already made headlines for wanting to hook up with little Cruz Beckham, who is of course the son of neighbors and friends ofTomKat’s, David and Victoria Beckham. I suppose it is sort of cute. Of course Suri doesn’t want to actually ‘hook up’ with little Cruz but from the sounds of it, she does seem to be a bit sweet on him. From Pop Crunch,

“Cute Couple Alert! Tom and Katie’s adorable three-year-old daughter, Suri, is reportedly quite smitten with the jetsetting Cruz Beckham, 4.

Cruz is the youngest of soccer ace David Beckham’s three sons with his fashionista wife Victoria. The outgoing little guy has become a regular playmate of Suri’s in the two years since their parents became neighbors and friends. In fact, Suri always insists that Katie purchase a chocolate cupcake for Cruz when the kids meet up for their monthly outing at the Crumbs Bake Shop in Beverly Hills.

Blabbing tipsters tell The National Enquirer: “The children arewonderful playmates, and Cruz has become sort of a big brother figure to little Suri. Cruz is always begging Victoria to take him to Suri’s house because he loves jumping on her trampoline and playing on her jungle gym….They’re also both learning French and Spanish, so they practice together. She light’s up whenever he’s around.”

Suri even showed her affection by presenting Cruz with a drawing she made for him in art class: “She drew stick figures of the two of them — hers in pink and his in blue. They were standing inside a gigantic heart, holding hands.”

The ‘rents are tickled pink that Suri has a crush on Cruz.

“They think it’s a hoot,” a friend of the families told The Enquirer this week.”

Looking towards the future, if these two can maintain some sort of friendship at least, I don’t think that would be a bad thing. They do havea lot in common with both sets of parents being uber-famous and all the issues that come with that. And with the most recent baby boom that took place in Hollywood, it sure won’t be surprising to see many celebrity babies start hooking up and forming relationships. Aahh…future generations to gossip about!

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