Paris and Doug are Now Fighting with Each Other

They’ve become pretty famous for starting brawls just about everywhere they go but now it seems that Paris and Doug have turned their attention away from bouncers and DJs and have started fighting with each other. It’s unclear whether any actual punches were thrown (or in Paris’ case, wildly waving her hands in the air), but it did get loud and the authorities were called. Not only that but because NOBODY tells Paris what to do without a fight, the cops had to hop the gate at the house when they were refused permission inside. From TMZ via Celebitchy,

“For the second time in less than a week, Paris Hilton turned her new neighborhood upside down — this time cops were called to put an end toa nuclear argument.

It happened at 1 AM this morning. LAPD officers were called to the home of Paris’ BF, Doug Reinhardt. Paris moved in on Monday. Apparently, Paris and Doug had such a screaming argument the neighbors couldn’t sleep.

When cops arrived, we’re told Paris and Doug wouldn’t open the front gate, so they hopped the fence. Paris and Doug opened the door, cops spoke with them and the loud arguing stopped.

A TMZ spy says earlier in the evening, Paris and Doug were at an event in Hollywood and had a pretty intense argument. Apparently, they took it home.”

So it seems all of that house-hunting the two were doing really did add up to something but it may be short-lived if the two are already having screaming matches less than a week into the new living situation. Maybe they have that crazy ‘passionate rage is what keeps us going’ thing happening but I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see this relationship quickly fizzle and fade. Most of what Paris does she does without thinking and while the notion of playing house seems nice, she’s too stupid to realize that there’s more to it than that. And Doug doesn’t seem to be too much smarter either to be able to figure that out.

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