Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant?

Known for both her role in Ghost Whisperer and her fluctuating weight issues, Jennifer Love Hewitt has made headlines most recently with her split from Ross McCall and a quick hookup with Jamie Kennedy that at first screamed, “REBOUND!” but now may really be proving to be something more…but most likely, not. While Jennifer and Jamie may be very happy (they certainly have appeared to be for awhile now,) things may have taken an unexpected twist and the two might be expecting a baby soon…but most likely, not. From Star,

“She’s loved for her work with ghosts on TV, but Jennifer Love Hewitt may soon be better known as the Baby Whisperer!

The 30-year-old actress was spotted buying a pregnancy test at a CVS Pharmacy in Studio City, Calif., on April 29, even though she’s only been dating costar Jamie Kennedy, 38, since March.

“If she is expecting, then it was totally unplanned and would come as a shock,” says a friend of the couple. “Jennifer has always said she wants kids, but she was definitely thinking later rather than sooner.”

Adding to the speculation: Since her drugstore visit, Jennifer has been wearing lots of flowy, high-waisted dresses!”

Now I’ll take National Enquirer’s word before I start believing what Star Magazine has to say so before I even read the story, I knew that I would have to be taking it with a grain of salt. And it seems that more than one grain may be necessary. One, I don’t think that Jennifer would go out to CVS and openly buy a pregnancy test for the world to see. Stars have people to do those kinds of things, especially when it comes to an errand that could result in tabloid hell. Two, I don’t think that a current fashion choice is indicative of a pregnancy. So just for the record, this is the latest Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy rumor but it really, really, really doesn’t ring true.

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