Both Rob Lowe Nanny Cases Dismissed

It seems that the two nannies that had pressed sexual assault charges against Rob Lowe were really just going after his money and although Lowe may have some slimeball tendencies, he doesn’t have seemed to have stooped to the lowest of the low. Not only did the two nannies drop their cases entirely but they also didn’t see much money coming their way either. From TMZ,

“The feud between Rob Lowe and his two scorned nannies is over — the second and final nanny suit against Rob has been settled.

Sides for both Lowe and Laura Boyce — who alleged she was a victim of sexual harassment by Rob’s wife Sheryl — have asked for the whole case to be dismissed.

No coincidence, we hear, that the dismissal comes after the judge ruled the Lowe’s could go after Boyce for violating the confidentiality clause in her contract.

As for how much money changed hands … we can’t tell you exactly, but here’s what we hear — Laura won’t be planning any expensive vacations any time soon.

The other suit — involving former nanny Jessica Gibson — will also be dismissed.”

It amazes me when people are so willing to go after big celebrities such as Rob Lowe and think that they will see no consequences or that nobody will question their side of things. I think that somebody who had actually been sexually assaulted and was willing to publicly go after their perpetrator wouldn’t really care so much about charges that involved them backing out on their contract. Clearly this was a case of two ladies who thought they had a great get-quick-rich scheme and didn’t think things all the way through.

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#1 Chaim Paddaman on 09.24.11 at 12:02 am

Nanny rejects Rob Lowe’s Flaccid penis. The nanny alleges that Lowe repeatedly exposed his erect penis and groped her between the legs. He is a dirty old bugger. Rob Lowe’s actions of complete disregard for women and daughters of other mothers and fathers are distinctively evidence based and therefore the nanny deserves the benefit of the doubt. Far from setting a example of an required acceptable standard of behavior expected from a A-List celebrity, he exploited his position of power in a reprehensible manner. Rob Lowe reflects the values of the lewd hollywood celebrity culture. He is perfect for the part of Drew Peterson as both men have much in common. What is Rob Lowe’s destiny? A flaccid penis with a scrotal hydrocele complicated by an inflamed prolapsed rectum. I look forward to reading his future memoirs.

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