Is John Still Pining for Jen?

One of the many, many women that John Mayer has been filling his time with since his split from Jennifer Aniston has come forward and revealed that John has been spending his lonesome nights playing his guitar while looking sadly out his window and singing sweet, sweet love songs about Jen. All of this comes from Scheana Marie Jancan, who had the pleasure of keeping John company post break-up. And according to her, John’s got it bad for Jen. From Daily Mail,

“John Mayer is still pining for on/off girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, his ex claims. Scheana Marie Jancan, who dated the musician after his most recent break-up with the actress, said he was ‘devastated’ about the split. She told Heat magazine: ‘He really didn’t think Jen would dump him – it was a complete shock to him.

‘He’s never really got over it and he still talks about her a lot. He’s been playing guitar alone at night, pining over her.’ The 24-year-old model and budding actress first met John when he was still dating the former Friends star. She met him again in April at the restaurant where she works.

Both going through break-ups at the same time, she said they ‘just chatted and started hanging out’, and described him as ‘a great guy, funny and sweet’. Despite John’s heartbreak over Jennifer, Scheana admitted that he had been ‘dating various girls’, including her, in a bid to make himself feel better.

According to reports, friends of Jennifer say John’s behaviour has strengthened her view that it was right for their relationship to end.”

It seems that Scheana is contradicting herself some. All of this so-called pining must have been going on when John wasn’t busy bed-hopping. Which, because it’s John Mayer, didn’t leave him a whole lot of time. I’m not buying it and I’m not also not buying that Jen would use that as further proof that she made the right decision. I don’t even understand why someone pining for you would be reason to congratulate yourself on a job well done by breaking up with them. I think that Scheana is desperately looking for just a tiny bit of John’s spotlight to shine on her and she’s doing it in completely the wrong way.

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