Madonna and Jesus Luz to be Committed

To each other, of course. But this whole relationship has me so sick that I would really like to see both of them committed. But really the two are set to ‘get married’ in a Kabbalah ceremony that will unite the two in some sort of commitment. I think the union will only be viewed […]

Your Daily Jon and Kate

Who ever thought that this small-town couple with a small-town life yet a very big family would explode into something that would get daily updates in the gossip columns. But as we’re proving here, that’s exactly what’s happened with Jon and Kate Gosselin. It came out recently that Kate may have been having an affair with her […]

Wanda Sykes Proud Mom of Twins!

Wanda Sykes, who plays Christine’s sidekick/reality check on The New Adventures of Old Christine, has had a very busy year or so. In October of last year she married her wife, Alex amidst all the controversy regarding the passing of Proposition 8, which took away the legal rights of gay marriage. So now not only are […]

Is John Still Pining for Jen?

One of the many, many women that John Mayer has been filling his time with since his split from Jennifer Aniston has come forward and revealed that John has been spending his lonesome nights playing his guitar while looking sadly out his window and singing sweet, sweet love songs about Jen. All of this comes from Scheana Marie Jancan, […]