Kate and Leo Have Got Somethin Special!

It’s no secret that the magicand passion that made Jack and Rose so perfect in Titanic, and the same kind of magic and passion (albeit less obvious) that Frank and Alice Wheeler had in Revolutionary Road was all due to the special kind of love shared between the actors that played these roles, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate and Leo have often talked endlessly about how extremely fond they are of each other and they seem to have the only kind of love that lasts in Hollywood – the love of true friendship. The two have often talked about how they grew up in Hollywood together and have always been there for each other and Leo has even walked alongside Kate on the red carpet in the absence of Kate’s husband, Sam Mende (who, btw, also directed Revolutionary Road.) 

But even with all of the flattery and support, this friendship seems to have been taken to another level – Leo has given Kate a ring and it’s engraved and all! Is this weird? From ET Online,

“Actress Kate Winslet has her ‘Revolutionary Road’ costar Leonardo DiCaprio wrapped around her finger!
Kate — who is married to ‘Revolutionary Road’ director Sam Mendes — wears a gold ring given to her from Leo, in addition to her wedding rings, according to Flare magazine.
“Yes, [Leo’s ring] is engraved on the inside,” she describes the gift to the publication, “but I’m not going to tell you what it says.”

Now given that Sam seems to be totally on-board with this whole super-close friendship and that everyone, especially Kate and Leo, are always joking about how tight they are,I don’t think the fact that he gave her a ring is weird, engraved or not. BUT. It totally depends on which finger she’s wearing it. If she’s actually wearing it on the same finger as her wedding bands, that’s weird. If not, I really don’t see it as being any different than if a girlfriend had given her a ring. Man, I want to know what that engraving says!

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#1 jesselle joy jimenez on 08.16.12 at 3:44 pm

.. im so very inspire of two kate and leo .. like her or his movie a titanic … i wach a titanic movie hundred times … but im so very love that two kate and leo …. i remember your said to rose before you die of that cold water “you promise me that youve never give up … no matter what hapens no matter what hopless .. you promise me rose rigth now .. ” you know leo im your the one titanic fanatic no.fan … if i give a chance to see you … im sa very happy and proud .. f i see you bought kate and you ….

… thanks to read my comment … ilove you take care always ..

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