Jon and Kate’s Show May be in Trouble Too

I think all fans of the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight immediately wondered what would happen to the show when the news first broke of Jon’s affair with a 23-year-old woman. I’d like to point out as an interesting side note that it was being called a ‘rumored affair’ not two weeks ago and now it’s pretty much being accepted as fact that it happened, even though denial is still coming from all around. But back to the point.

It seems that Jon’s stepping out has caused trouble in more than his marriage as producers of the show are wondering how to work the marriage problems into the show. One of their problems seems to be that Kate doesn’t want to talk directly about the affair and another problem is that the premiere is set to air in just two weeks. A what a tangled web we weave…From US,

“The fifth season premiere of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 is running late.

According to the Los Angeles Times, producers are trying to incorporate the couple’s martial woes into the show, just two weeks before its May 25 air date.

Kate said they had no plans to address the affair on the show but would talk about the strains on their marriage.

Marc Berman, senior television editor at Mediaweek, tells all the scandal could “a problem for the show. Suddenly, the focus of the show is not on the children — it’s on them.”

“This is a TLC show that attracts a lot of young kids, teens. This is not Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” he says. “What are they going to call the show – Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon?”

The bottom line, says Berman: The couple need to be “true to the audience” and explain what exactly is going on or fans “could feel alienated.”

Like Nick Lachey and ex-wife Jessica Simpson (sources told Us they earned up to $100,000 per show in later episodes of their MTV show), Jon and Kate “became victims of their own success,” Berman says.

A TV agent who deals primarily with reality shows estimates that the two probably earn between $50,000-$75,000 an episode.

“They began making money,” Berman says of Jon and Kate. “Suddenly, they’re not who they are anymore. They’re this Hollywood couple. You get all this money and ultimately it kind of changes who you are.”

I completely agree that the fame and money changed who they are. I didn’t watch the show from the beginning but I did watch it in the early years and as the family all got older, I had to stop watching it. Kate really did become psychotic and Jon just never really seemed to be willing to go that extra step, when a few extra steps are actually necessary when you have 8 kids. The show also became less about raising their kids to be good people and how they did it with 10 people living under the same roof, and became more about all the awesome stuff they got to do because they’re so rich now. 

My last thought with all the many that are running around my head about all of this is that I really think the focus right now should be on the marriage – both for the marriage and for the show. You can’t have a happy family with an unhappy foundation, as corny as it sounds and while I can understand why Kate would want to go into her shell and do what she knows how to do best, being a mom, I think it’s important that she focuses more now on being a wife. Unless she doesn’t want to save her marriage, in which case I also don’t blame her. But you can’t just act as though it didn’t happen. And you certainly can’t talk about your ‘marital woes’ without directly talking about the affair when that’s obviously a huge part of it. Yep, I’m pretty sure these people have no idea what they’re doing.

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#1 s.m. on 05.28.09 at 3:12 pm

Kate should not always talk down to John. You always talk over him and laugh at him,he proabably found comfort in someone who is willing to listen with out correcting him all the time.
Your marriage should be the most important thing to work on for the sake of the children. I hope you give up the show for everyones sake.
Good luck and seek help!!!!

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