Lance Armstrong is a Pig

I have lost more and more respect for Lance Armstrong ever since his split from Sheryl Crow. Itwasn’t the actual split that bothered me but he just seemed to become a worse person once he left her. His attitude seemed to have changed and he seemed to be more interested in himself than anybody else. Then it […]

Matthew and Sarah Jessica are Getting Ready!

Matthew Broderick recently appeared on Letterman, where they both talked about the recent announcement that Matthew was going to be having twin girls with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. Matthew opened up on how he’s nervous about having little pink things all over the house while they also talked about James Wilkie’s reaction to the bundles that are soon to […]

Another Celebrity Feud with Eminem

It’s no secret that Eminem makes no secret of who he has a problem with. Whether he be cursing people out in his lyrics or simply straight up dissin’ em in an interview, Em’s got a way of letting people know just what he thinks and he don’t really give two toots what you have to say […]