Madonna’s Contract: Rule 347

One of the things that became most famous about Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was that she had a contract of rules that he must follow should he wish to stay happily married, within a confined and controlled manner, to her. Now it seems that she has passed on this contract of other-half rules to her current beau, Jesus Luz. Of course, Madge has had to take out some rules that aren’t appropriate, such as what to do with the children when they’re in your care, and insert other rules, such as how she won’t ever meet your mother, but the gist is pretty much the same – ‘Do as I say, or else!’
What are some of the specific rules on Jesus’ list? Well one of them is that he better drop it with that accent of his and learn English, pronto! Madonna’s tired of trying to wade through his broken English bullcrap! From Pop Crunch,

“It’s back-to-school time for Madonna’s barely legal Bust It Baby, Jesus Luz.

While Madge and her 22-year-old Brazilian-born boytoy of the hour both speak the language of love fluently, the Material Mom has grown increasingly frustrated with trying to understand her hunny’s broken English.

The “Borderline” singer has reportedly hired a tutor to teach Jesus English.

A source told Star Magazine this week: “She’s paying more than $1,000 per week for him to learn English.”

I understand that this really is just a good thing that Madonna is trying to do for Jesus. It will serve him well in the future, whatever he ends up doing after Madonna tires of him once and for all but I still can’t help that this looks a little like Madonna telling her boyfriend how to speak.

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