Jennifer Garner Knows how to Keep her Family Together

In the world of crazy Hollywood marriages and even crazier Hollywood divorces, it’s quite impressive when a couple as famous as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck hook up, get married, have a couple of kids, and manage to keep it all together. One of their biggest advantages is that they both know how to tune out the bad and keep in the good. Jen recently gave one of her fabulous interviews with US and she talked about it all from her family to her career and of course her new movie, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. From US via Celebitchy,

“Q: How are you enjoying motherhood second time around?
JG: “It’s the same thing but crazier (laughs). No, everything is going really well, thank you very much. Everybody is happy and healthy. It feels like it’s only one more but it feels like three more.”

Q: What is your secret to keeping your family out of the tabloids?
JG: “We try to be boring (laughs). I try to stay away from it. Ben taught me that you cannot read that stuff, that it’s poison. It is horrible to read anything written about you. I would read the positive stuff if somebody read it through for me beforehand.”

Q: Did you learn anything from this movie?
JG: “Well, I think yeah, of course, there are messages to the movie: that you have to take a chance on love. That it’s worth the risk.”

Q: Would you like to do more romantic comedies or are you itching to go back to action roles?
JG: “I’ve been lucky to be able to change because I did become known out of the gate so much for action. I’m really happy that I didn’t get stuck there. The whole point to me of being an actor is to get to do different things or else you might as well just go toan office and show up every day. Of course, you’re always looking for how to flip it for yourself, as well as how can I surprise people. That’s the fun.”

Q: Would you like to do another movie with Ben?
JG: “A big part of it is that somebody’s got to raise the kids, so if we’re both at work, that’s a bummer for them. But there’s no rush. We’re not looking for anything to do together just now.”

Some, including Celebitchy, think that Jennifer Garner is boring because her family stays out of the spotlight (with the exception of the daily preschool shots of Violet) and when it comes to their relationship, both Jen and Ben keep pretty much mum. But I think it’s one of the reasons why I like her so much. She really does just seem like a down-to-earth mom that has a job that happens to make her famous and she doesn’t get too caught up in the glamour and phoniness of it all. Hopefully, theyreally are in it for the long haul and this isn’t going to be one of those shocking Hollywood divorces you hear about (*ahem* Brad Pitt.) And if Jen’s looking to hire someone to go through all the stuff written about her to take only pass on the good, I’d like to say I’m officially handing in my application.

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