Another Drew and Justin Spotting

I wish these people would understand that if you want people to think that you’re not together, you should really stop being seen out together. And you should especially avoid being seen trying to avoid being seen together! But once again, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long defy their own denials that they have hooked back up when they […]

Jennifer Garner Knows how to Keep her Family Together

In the world of crazy Hollywood marriages and even crazier Hollywood divorces, it’s quite impressive when a couple as famous as Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck hook up, get married, have a couple of kids, and manage to keep it all together. One of their biggest advantages is that they both know how to tune out the […]

Madonna’s Contract: Rule 347

One of the things that became most famous about Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was that she had a contract of rules that he must follow should he wish to stay happily married, within a confined and controlled manner, to her. Now it seems that she has passed on this contract of other-half rules to her […]