Looks Like the Reunion has Already Taken Place

It seemed that it was just weeks after Samantha Ronson broke up with Lindsay Lohan for what seemed like good when their behavior already started to suggest signs of a reunion. The two began talking publicly about how much they loved each other and it seemed to suggest that the entire thing wasn’t the locking out, hysterical fits that had occurred when the two originally broke up. Now it seems that Lilo really might be back in Sam’s good graces as she’s seen trying to sneak out of Sam’s house unnoticed by the paps. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and there’s now photographic evidence that Lilo and Sam are still spending some very late nights, and intimate time, together. From Gossip Girls,

“Looking more and more as if a rekindled romance is in the works, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s house at 6.30am on Thursday (May 7).

Having spent the majority of the night with her deejay pal, the “Mean Girls” starlet headed straight for her car with Sam’s British bulldog, Cadillac.

Meanwhile, Miss Ronson was then spotted carrying her luggage as she left the property shortly afterwards, locking up the gate and jumping in a separate car headed for the airport.”

It wouldn’t shock me at all if the entire breakup was just a big act for the sake of the media. Those two are so scrutinized that it wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted a “fresh start” and so put on a show of breaking up while trying to maintain a private relationship. However, at the rate that Lindsay’s weight has dropped recently, there are also good indications that there were, and probably still are, major issues at the root of it all.

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