Kate Finally Has Her Say body brush cellulite

It was just yesterday that I was saying that I wanted to hear Kate Gosselin’s side of ymphatic system and of things in the whole scandal of laser stretch mark removal cost and of her husband and father to her 8 children stepping out on her and having an affair with a 23 year old 3rd […]

Chris Brown’s Lawyer is Going for Dismissal

The team of Beater Brown has taken another cowardly route as the date of  Chris Brown’s hearing grows closer and the sing-song dance of the defense is slowly coming out. It seems that Scum’s lawyer is going to try to get the case completely dismissed on the grounds of the photo that was leaked by LAPD and TMZ. […]

Looks Like the Reunion has Already Taken Place

It seemed that it was just weeks after Samantha Ronson broke up with Lindsay Lohan for what seemed like good when their behavior already started to suggest signs of a reunion. The two began talking publicly about how much they loved each other and it seemed to suggest that the entire thing wasn’t the locking out, hysterical […]

Aniston may be Ready to Make Nice…With Everybody

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Aniston has had a tough go of it the past few years. She had a very bitter and very public divorce, went into hiding, came out of hiding and was scrutinized in the media with every breath she took, not to mention the slight seizure she went into when she decided […]