Remember when Nicole Kidman was a Classy Brod?

I used to be a huge, huge, huge Nicole Kidman fan. I was such a big fan that I couldn’t even totally criticize her for doing Eyes Wide Shut, putting most of the blame on her then-husband, Tom Cruise. And I liked her for a long, long time. She was one of those stars that you could always count on to show up looking flawless, and speaking flawlessly, and making it all seem so easy when you lead the life of such a glamourous woman. Then something happened, and I’m not too sure what it was. Perhaps it was when ‘every molecule in her body changed’ as she told Oprah after giving birth to Sunday Rose. I think she meant something else by it but I think she was right and I don’t think it was for the better.

She’s turned into this woman who seems to not have a brain in her head and doesn’t think twice before she says or does anything. And while she used to be somewhat tight-lipped or gave the obligatory ‘We’re still very close,’ comment, she’s now taken to ragging on him and about how horrible it was to be known as Tom Cruise’s wife. I don’t deny that it is a horrible position but not forthe reasons she’s claiming. From Gossip Girls,

“Nicole revealed, “I felt I became a star only by association. We would go to the Oscars and I would think, ‘I’m here to support him.’ I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard.”

But now that she’s married to Keith Urban, Nicole says she’s in a much better place, especially since her daughter Sunday Rose was born. “I can’t bear to be separated from Sunday Rose. That’s why I haven’t yet gotten a daytime nanny, but at some stage I probably will have one.”

Yeah, Nicole, you did only become a star by association and you should be nothing but thankful for it. Tom Cruise made her who she is because she was married to him at the height of his career. And if that made her feel overshadowed sometimes, that’s too bad and I don’t want to hear her pity party for herself. And one of the reasons why might be in a ‘much better place’ now rather than before might just be because now she is famous and can be known for her own work. But that’s due to Cruise, whether she likes it or not. And my God, now I have to hate her for making me defend Tom Cruise!

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#1 Sassy on 05.03.09 at 10:40 am

Please, please go back to the original interview 6 or 7 months ago and get your facts straight!! Stop with the internet spin and tell the truth.

#2 michelle on 05.03.09 at 1:28 pm

Thank you , finally someone has the guts to outright admit the truth and call Nicole out for her constant whineing about how Tom overshadowed her while they were married.
Until Tom no one but Australians really knew about her..or even cared.
Yeah, it might be hard to have everyone know you only owe your fame and career to your more famous, powerful and highly connected ex but concidering the advantage she eagerly took of being Mrs. Tom Cruise and all she has gained from that marriage complaining about it now seems ridiculous , ungrateful and whiney.

#3 MADDIE on 05.04.09 at 12:10 am

What is more horrible? Nicole who said she was a shadow behind Tom’s shoulder (and this is true) or Tom’s behaviour during the divorce, flirting with Cruz while Kidman was ricovered after she lost their baby? Be less foolish my dear user.
Beofore insulting a classing lady like Nicole, you should do some research. How people can do so superficial? Nicole did an interview with Glmaour magazine more than 6 months ago, she wished Tom has the same happiness she has with Keith, and she said she has been very very happy during Tom’s marriage, but she was like a shadow, but it was her choice because she decided to put Tom and family first then her career. Before insulting: please being informed. Her words were manipulated by marie And, Kidman became a star because she is a great actress, more talented than his crazy ex husband. He has what he deserves: contempt

#4 gloria on 05.04.09 at 5:42 am

Good grief!! What’s the big deal! Most women at one point in time criticize their first husbands. I think Nicole has kept quiet long enough about her marriage to Cruise. I think he’s a control freak and still controls her…pertaining to their adopted children! And do you always believe everthing you read in this magazine articles? Most interviews I’ve ever read she compliments Tom. However, I think it’s time these gossip mags stop even mentioning them as a one time couple. Both have moved on and seem very happy! These comments are from an old interview a year ago! Why bring them up again?

#5 Anon on 05.04.09 at 9:28 am

I think it is a shame that you actually have not read exactly what she said but what the media said she said.

I read the quote going around 7 months ago when she did the original interview in Glamour that was republished by Easy Living this month and what she said was this:

She was asked how things where when at the age of 23 she got married to a huge star and she said, in the EARLY years she used to cower behind the scenes because she didn’t feel that she had any right to be on such a huge stage especially since she didn’t think her early work was good to support her presence there and she felt she was there to support him since he was the biggest star in the world. And that her being on the A-list was only by association, not by her own work.

Isn’t that EXACTLY how it was? She came out of nowhere to be a star because she married Cruise? What in her statement leads anyone to believe she was having a go? Isn’t what she said exactly what your reply to her “statement” is, you are actually saying exactly what she is saying about herself?

Nothing like all the reports are making out to be, as you have made her comments to be but I guess that is per for the cause. If this is what it means to be classless and cause anger from people because they choose not to actually read what she actually said then we are all screwed.

You need to chill out, read actual interviews and not what people are only telling you is being said. Vent your hatred to where it is needed, not at a woman who said the right thing about HERSELF for once.

#6 Anon on 05.04.09 at 9:37 am

People have been gunning to paint Kidman has bitter since her divorce. Every word of hers is scrutinised, if she says nice things about Cruise, it is because she wants him back, if she says things were not always good then it is because she is bitter, if she says she’d rather not say anything about the marriage, it is because she is either not over it yet or afraid because her ex is powerful due to scientology. She cannot win. And this is her life after all.

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