Outlook is Not Good for Madonna’s Appeal

I’m sure that when Madonna’s application to adopt Mercy James from Malawi was turned down, Madge thought that she would go through with an appeal and because she would throw more money at the problem and show them how persistent she really is, they’d give in no prob. That’s certainly what happened with Mercy’s grandmother, who was first adamant that Madonna not get the little girl and now has backed off because she too just doesn’t have the energy to fight the pop queen. But it turns out there is still a prob. A big prob. 

Another member of Mercy’s family, Mercy’s own father, has come out and said that even though he has never met Mercy, he wants to, and is able to, take care of Mercy. So, do we really need any more than this? Are the Malawian courts really going to ripa child away from her father who, while it’s true is a stranger, is her own flesh and blood? Oh, and then there’s the problem that in order to overturn the decision the new judge would have to admit that the other judge was wrong – which I’m not sure is a precedent you want to be setting with such a highly international publicized case. From Contact Music,

“MADONNA’s bid to adopt Malawian tot Mercy James is nearing a disappointing end – the judge is expected to refuse her appeal.
The Holiday hitmaker wanted to become the mother of the three-year-old but her request for an interim adoption was turned down by a court in the country’s capital Lilongwe last month (Apr09).
Madonna appealed the decision and a further court hearing is scheduled for Monday (04May08).
But Britain’s Sunday Mirror reports Malawi Supreme Court’s top judge Lovemore Munlo is certain to dismiss the case again.
A source tells the newspaper, “Mr Munlo is no fool and is keen to show that Malawi law is not to be messed with. It is certain this case will be thrown out when it is heard by the learned judge.”
In addition, Mercy’s biological father, 24-year-old security guard James Kambewa, gathered together his daughter’s family hoping they will back his custody bid.
He says, “My family has met Mercy’s family and we all agree we love the girl. Everyone was emotional when the two families met but we both want the best for Mercy – and I am sure she should be with us and not Madonna.”

So here I sit, clapping my hands in glee. It looks like Madonna probably won’t get Mercy after all and I sincerely hope she doesn’t. I don’t think any child, no matter their culture or ethnicity, and no matter how much money someone has that wants to adopt them, should have to be taken away from their parents, especially when their parents want them so badly. Madonna’s reps are claiming that they’re not even certain that James Kambewa is Mercy’s dad which just sounds to me like a pathetic attempt to use the media in order to discredit James’ story. I’ve read this story in several different places and Madonna seems to be the only one questioning the man’s paternity.

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