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Some People Just Don’t Learn jasmine benefits for skin

Well it seems that even with all the body scrub with coconut oil and the media coverage surrounding Jon, Kate, their eight children, and their extra-marital affairs, some people just don’t learn that using your children for profit just isn’t a good idea. I was really kind of tangerine oil uses and of on the orange […]

Is Adam Lambert Gay? Do You Care?

Throughout the entire season of American Idol this year, the debate went whether or not the one of the best contestants, Adam Lambert was gay. Because it seemed so obvious to me that he was in fact gay, I thought the entire thing was something contrived by him and ‘his people’ to make him a household name […]

Bump Watch: Ellen and Heidi

Both Ellen Pompeo and Heidi Klum announced their pregnancies in April and Seal also announced at the same time that Heidi was about three monthspregnant while Ellen’s camp gave the vague ‘due in the fall’ response. I don’t know though, I would think it would have to be very early fall because after carrying this baby around all summer, Ellen’s going […]

Your Daily Jon and Kate

Well get ready to hear for the next five or six months about the Jon and Kate Gosselin scandal. I have a feeling that it’s going to be dragged out at least for one more season of their show and no, this thing is just not going away. With every new day comes at least 3 more Jon and […]

Katy Perry is an Enigma

Hmm…a real mystery this one. Katy Perry has always seemed to have portrayed a somewhat mysterious quality but I thought it was all pretty much for show. Did she really kiss a girl and like it? Does she really think she’s a swimmer from the 50s, as most of her outfits would suggest? Yet she keeps […]

Why Do These Two Keep Talking?

Candy and Tori Spelling have one of the most famous parent/child feuds in all of Hollywood. It may have all started when Tori’s famous dad, Aaron Spelling died but I think the trouble probably started long before that and that his death was just a tragic event that sent the whole thing on a downward spiral. But ever since that […]

Rihanna is Going to do the Right Thing

I might have to stop being so hard on Rihanna because it seems that she’s going to end up doing the right thing when it comes to the charges against Chris Brown. Ever since the night he mistook her for a punching bag, Rihanna has always said that she would cooperate with authorities and do whatever was […]

Will Mel Marry Oksana?

The Oksana of course, being the young Russian, Oksana Grigorieva, mistress-turned-girlfriend and mother-to-be of his child, Mel Gibson. Ever since the pregnancy was first confirmed by the National Enquirer, the question floating around seems to be whether or not Mel will marry the former unknown. I would be inclined to think not only because I have difficulty believing that anyone with […]

Madonna Allows Jesus to Speak

Well as soon as the father of Jesus Luz, alleged lover boy of Madonna, came out and told the tabloids that he was pretty sure there was going to be a ceremony of some sort between his son and the Queen of Pop, you can bet that Madge whipped up a script, handed it to Jesus and told him […]

More Chris Brown and Rihanna Drama

Well this drama actually has more to do with Chris Brown than it does Rihanna, seeing as how after he beat the crap out of her she did her best to ignore the entire situation and has actually done a pretty good job. But Chris knows that there are still some ‘haters’ out there and he’s gone to […]

Paris, Paris, Paris

Oh yawn. Really, when is Paris going to realize that she has nothing worthwhile to say and just shut her big yap. It seems that when she’s not busy groping Doug Reinhardt, she’s busy twittering about how she’s sick of all the rumors and now she’s out to debunk the current one – that she was kicked […]

Mike Tyson Loses His Daughter

It’s only May and already this year has seen far too many tragedies occurring to children of celebrities. The world lost John Travolta’s son Jett in January and now after a very sad accident Mike Tyson has also lost his daughter. Exodus Tyson got tangled up in a treadmill cord yesterday morning and just over 24 hours […]

Tragedy Strikes Tyson

Another tragic incident involving a child has happened and this time it’s the four-year-old daughter of Mike Tyson, Exodus Tyson. The little girl was strangled by a treadmill cord earlier this morning and is currently on life support. Stories are reporting that Exodus and her brother were watching television in a room that had a […]

Will You Watch Jon and Kate?

The much-anticipated season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus Eight aired tonight and I must say, I thought they’d tip-toe around the issue and try to come off of this perfectly happy married couple that’s just going through a ‘tough time.’ Well they did admit to going through a tough time but there was no talk […]

Jennifer Aniston is Just Like the Rest of Us

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has had her share of problems in the love-life department. She’s probably one of the most followed actresses when it comes to her personal life and ever since her high-profile marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, people have wanted to know who she’s dating and who’s heart she’s breaking. But sometimes, […]

Sean Penn’s Marriage Drama Over for Now

Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn are back together as a happy and loving couple after Sean recently filed for divorce. Apparently those papers have been torn up and thrown out and the two have decided to give things another go. Before you get all excited and happy that these two are sticking it out, it’s […]

Jessica Biel Talks about Love and Beauty

I really don’t like Jessica Biel but at least nowshe has given us something semi-interesting to talk about. She has recently opened up to Parade about costarring with her live-in boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, which isn’t so interesting seeing as how that would probably be a pretty boring movie with a pretty boring cast but she’s also recently talked […]

Would You Go to Court Over This?

I have to admit, when Kelly Rutherford first became pregnant and at the same time started divorce proceedings from her husband, Daniel Giersch, I had never heard of the Gossip Girls star. But the more I find out, the more I dislike this woman. At first she came out saying that she’s still breast-feeding her toddler son, which […]

Add Another to the Brady Bunch

Tom Brady really is a man who has it all right now. Not only did he manage to bag Gisele Bundchen and marry her not once but twice, he reportedly also got the supermodel pregnant and the two are now expecting their first child together! The story has not been confirmed yet by the couple’s camp […]

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Act Civil

It’s a sad state of affairs when two parents can sit down to dinner together, act civilly to each other, and it makes news! Well, it made news because it is extremely shocking that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen could put aside their immature and petty differences, accusations, and special nicknames for each other, to sit down […]