Brangelina’s Tell-All Book

If you are a celebrity, are related to a celebrity, or happen to breathe air around any given celebrity at any particular time, the chances are that you will one day, write a tell-all book about the experience. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no different except for the fact that they are not the ones writing the book and they are not at all in agreement with the book being written.

The book is actually being written by one of their former bodyguards and goes in-depth about the couple and their personal lives with it seems, a particular focus on the traveling that he’s done with them. Now when I first read this story, I thought, ‘Why don’t celebrities get these people to sign papers before being hired?’ Turns out, they’re actually not that stupid and they did just that. Now it seems, the only defense they have is calling this guy out and making sure everyone knows he’s a ‘pathological liar.’ From New Chatter,

“Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are facing a tough fight with their own bodyguard.

Notorious tough guy Mickey Brett was planning a sensational book and even TV show about his years travelling with the couple, despite reportedly signing confidentiality papers.

But Brad and Angie are already fighting back, with their attorney calling the tough a “pathological liar”.

Brett was already controversial after it emerged the man entrusted to protect Brangelina and their children had once been questioned in a murder, although never tried.

Then, after working for Brad and Angie, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a restaurant owner in Namibia. He was also accused of choking a photographer and arrested for roughing up and making racial insults against some parents who were trying to pick up their kids in India.

But he appeared ready to thrust himself fully in the spotlight with the planned book and TV deal.

But the main focus of the pitches was Brangelina.

Marty Singer, the couple’s American litigator, insisted Brett was not only not a reliable source, he is also a “pathological liar”.

Singer said Brett’s lies to US Immigration officials here had led to his being barred from entering the country. And Singer also insists that only recently did Pitt and Jolie discover that Brett, who had claimed he was a former SAS troop, never even served in the military.

Singer also said that Brett had been convicted 11 times of various crimes.

Brett’s attorneys told us: “Our client disputes what has apparently been said by Mr Singer, but is not in a position to comment further at this stage.”

So now that I know that they had all the proper papers signed so that their personal lives didn’t become public knowledge, my next question is, why was this person ever even hired? Was no background check done at all that would reveal all these crimes or allegations he’s had against him before and would it not be enough to not let him anywhere near you or your children? I don’t know, they’re really playing the victims here and while I think that Brad and Angelina are in the right on this one, I still think they’re playing like victims when really, it seems that it all could have been prevented if they weren’t so stupid. 

Worse case scenario though – The guy writes the book, Brad and Angelina sue him for breech of contract and they win because they rule the world, and the book will never see the light of day. This is going to work out fine for them and they’ll come out once again looking like the innocents that the entire world is trying to plot against.

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