Seriously?! Chris Brown and Rihanna are Living Together?!

I never know what’s going on Chris Brown and Rihanna. They’re together, they’re not together, he is beating her, he’s not beating her, it’s so hard to keep track. I didn’t even know that they had broken up last time until it was being reported that Chris was dating two different women – Natalie Mejia as well as his old girlfriend from college. Chris’ reps adamantly denied the rumors in each case and now it seems, they may have actually been telling the truth. Chris may have been too busy trying to worm his way back into Rih’s life and of course, it’s been working. Because it’s Rihanna and when it comes to matters of the heart, she clearly has no brain. From Daily Blabber,

“According to the Chicago Sun-Times, not only are Chris Brown and Rihanna back together, but the explosive couple are said to be living together. A family friend of Ri’s said that though Chris isn’t officially on the lease, he and his girl, who he had been arrested for beating in February, have had “quite a few nights together.”

Pretty sure she’s out of her mind for taking Chris back? Yeah, well she doesn’t care what we think. The source says that “Rihanna still wants him and has told all of us to ‘get over yourselves. … I’m with him, so deal with it.'” The insider did say, though, that Ri and Chris are going to lay low as a couple for a while.

A rep for Chris had no comment.”

I do think this probably means that the couple is back together however I doubt that Chris has moved in with Rihanna. It sounds like they are a couple who spend time, including sleepovers, at each other’s apartments. Thank God they haven’t officially moved in together yet but I stress yet. This is a relationship that is going to get seemingly better…like paradise, actually…before it comes crashing to a bitter end. I do think it’s best they stay low for awhile. They’re taking a lot of heat for this, both for obvious reasons, and while I don’t think the public will ever get used to the idea of them staying together, I think it’s still way too soon to go verypublic. And the fact that Rihanna is being so harsh to her fans that are only concerned about her makes it harder and harder to feel sorry for her.

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