Jamie Spears Gets his Restraining Order

Earlier this month it was reported that Jamie Spears, conservator of his daughter and her estate, applied for a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the man who sent Britney’s life all to hell. Jamie didn’t get the permanent order that he was after but what he got is pretty good. Sam Lufti has been ordered to stay away from Britney and pretty much the air around her and the air around everything near her or that she owns, for a total of 3 years. I’m sure that after that time another order will be applied for but this works for the time being. Oh, and Lufti’s lawyer seems to think that they have some chance of getting out of it. From Contact Music,

“BRITNEY SPEARS’ former manager SAM LUTFI has been ordered to stay away from the pop superstar for three years.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva Bobb issued a harsh restraining order against Lutfi and his legal associate Jon Eardley on Tuesday (28Apr09).
Both men must stay at least 100 yards away from Britney, her two sons, and her family members’ homes.
Under the terms of the new order, they cannot contact the singer via phone, mail or email.
Spears’ father Jamie filed the restraining order request in January (09) after learning Lutfi had attempted to contact his daughter over Christmas (08), going so far as to smuggle a cell phone to the singer in a hotel.
Lutfi’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, tells People.com he plans to appeal the order on his client’s behalf, stating, “Never before in history has a restraining order been issued against someone who answered another person’s cries for help.”
Lutfi has filed a lawsuit against the Spears family for defamation and battery.”

I think even if Britney did try and make contact with them asking for help, which I’m pretty sure she didn’t do, it wouldn’t matter. Does Sam’s lawyer not understand that Britney does not have control over her own actions? It was Jamie that applied for the restraining order because it’s Jamie that decides what’s best for Britney. And on another note, does it not ring any alarm bells that someone who has a restraining order against them is absolutely adamant about appealing it? Obviously he’s not through with her and obviously the judge sees that.

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