Is Mel Brave or Just Stupid?

Mel Gibson really is  one of those people who just doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about anything. If his past actions have proven nothing else, they have proven this. He will say and do as he pleases and who are you to try and stop him? His latest stunt proves this point once again as he swooshes down the red carpet at the premiere of X-Men: Wolverine with his mistress-turned-gold digger, Oksana Grigorieva. This is odd behavior. Generally when one is at fault for destroying their marriage, they lay low for awhile and let the buzz die down before showing up arm-in-arm as the happy couple. I guess Mel must really be pissed about the half billion dollars his ex-wife Robyn is about to make out with. This is quite the slap in the face.

And can I just say that this is one of the creepiest-looking pictures I have ever seen. What she can possibly see in dried-up, grey-haired, sick to the core Mel, other than dollar signs, I have no idea. But I don’t know that there’s any amount of money that could get me to hold that man’s hand as we stroll among the paps who are just waiting to get pictures of me, his mistress. Thanks to Celebitchy for the pic and caption.

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