Seriously?! Chris Brown and Rihanna are Living Together?!

I never know what’s going on Chris Brown and Rihanna. They’re together, they’re not together, he is beating her, he’s not beating her, it’s so hard to keep track. I didn’t even know that they had broken up last time until it was being reported that Chris was dating two different women – Natalie Mejia as well as his […]

Jamie Spears Gets his Restraining Order

Earlier this month it was reported that Jamie Spears, conservator of his daughter and her estate, applied for a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the man who sent Britney’s life all to hell. Jamie didn’t get the permanent order that he was after but what he got is pretty good. Sam Lufti has been ordered to […]

Robert and Kristen on Acting and Love

As the filming for the movie New Moon continues, the world is still all abuzz with finding out the latest news and rumors about the cast, mainly Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. And of course they are doing all the promoting that they can (not that they need to) so they have plenty to say as well! Robert has […]

Is Mel Brave or Just Stupid?

Mel Gibson really is  one of those people who just doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about anything. If his past actions have proven nothing else, they have proven this. He will say and do as he pleases and who are you to try and stop him? His latest stunt proves this point once again as […]