Doug and Paris Get Into Another Club Brawl

When Paris first started dating Dough Reinhardt I wondered what kind of girl Paris would turn into. She’s been anything from a porn star to a proper princess, depending on the guy she was with and since she clearly doesn’t have her own true identity, I was waiting to see Doug’s emerge. Once it turned out that he also wasn’t too bright, things didn’t bodewell for Paris in my eyes. And not only is he stupid, but the dude also likes to fight. So not cool. Apparently though Paris is fine with it because her new style is, ‘I like to dress up like a hooker from the 80s and watch my boyfriend beat the crap out of people.’ Wonderful. Add it to all of Paris’ other not-so-good looks. From US,

“Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Doug Reinhardt got into a fight with a man who tried to grope the heiress at a Los Angeles club Monday.

The two were dancing at H-Wood when an intoxicated male clubgoer approached Hilton and tried to touch her cleavage, a witness tells

“Doug protected his lady and pushed the guy,” adds another source. “That’s when all of Doug’s boys stepped in and beat the crap out of the guy. Then Doug had security kick him out of the club.”

Fellow clubgoers Jessica Alba and Cash Warren – who were dancing alongside Hilton and Reinhardt – were shocked.

“Alba and Cash looked at one another and “were like ‘wow,'” says an onlooker.

(Despite several witnesses, Reinhardt’s rep tells Us, “Doug was not involved in a fight last night.”)

Hilton and Reinhardt didn’t seem bothered by the brawl. They mingled with Brody Jenner around 1:20 a.m. before calling it a night shortly after 2 a.m.”

These two really bother me. Paris really bothers me. This is actually a pretty tame version of the story, and most likely the true one. I’ve read that the fight got so out of hand that Doug was beating and punching people while Paris danced on the tables to her own song. Can you imagine?!? Paris shakin her groove thang while Dear Dougy defends her honor! I think that part of the story was most likely an embellishment but man, is it every fun to picture! Please. I’m so over these two.

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#1 j on 05.01.09 at 12:02 pm

i was there and she really was dancing to her own song during the fight.

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