Casey Aldridge Doing Well After Car Crash

On Sunday Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daughter, Maddie,was rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a fractured skull after he crashed his car with 3 other passengers in it. It sounds like everyone’s going to be okay and while Casey is still in the hospital under observation, it doesn’t sound as though there will be any permanent damage. Casey was coming home from a bachelor party and so I suspect that he had alcohol in his system, not that I’m quoting that as fact at this point, it’s just purely suspicion on my part. So far there has been talk of possible charges but nothing official has been announced. From Pop Crunch,

“Jamie Lynn Spears’ boyfriend has been removed from the intensive care unit of a Mississippi hospital, where he has been treated since a serious car crash on Sunday.

Casey Aldridge – the father of the former child star’s 10-month-old daughter Maddie–was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle after he crashed his 2008 Ford F-250 after his cousin’s bachelor party.

Casey, 19, and three of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle after Casey lost control. A fourth passenger — who was not ejected — was the only person in the truck who was wearing a seatbelt.

Casey was rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a fractured skull.

Despite early worries that Casey may have suffered brain damage, his uncle Odus Jackson has revealed that he is alert and doing well.

“There was just a little swelling, but he’s alert. They’re keeping him under precaution for a couple of days to make sure that no bleeding starts, but at the moment he’s resting well and doing well…”

“He’s been talking, and they were keeping him awake as much as possible. It looks like he’s probably over the danger. I think they are about to keep him under observation for about three days. Doctors are telling him that he should recover tofull normalcy. It’ll just take time for it all to heal up – the brain.”

So when I first saw the original headline telling how Jamie Lynn Spears’ boyfriend, Casey Aldridge was in a car crash, I thought, “Wait. Boyfriend? Are they back together? When did this happen?” So, who has answers for me. Who knows and I don’t think it really matters. These are going two people who are quickly going to become two of Hollywood’s almost-unknowns. Jamie Lynn is going to go back to being Britney Spears’ little sister and Casey’s going to go back to just being her baby daddy. So what they’re doing in their personal lives will be of no concern to us.

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