Casey Aldridge Doing Well After Car Crash

On Sunday Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daughter, Maddie,was rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a fractured skull after he crashed his car with 3 other passengers in it. It sounds like everyone’s going to be okay and while Casey is still in the hospital under observation, it doesn’t sound as […]

Doug and Paris Get Into Another Club Brawl

When Paris first started dating Dough Reinhardt I wondered what kind of girl Paris would turn into. She’s been anything from a porn star to a proper princess, depending on the guy she was with and since she clearly doesn’t have her own true identity, I was waiting to see Doug’s emerge. Once it turned out that he […]

Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick to Have Twins!

I never really thought that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were getting divorce. I did think that their marriage was on shaky grounds and that SJP was going through a pretty miserable time. I also thought all of this galavanting about the town arm in arm like the happy couple was a load of bull but if […]