Are you a Jamie Fan or a Gerard Fan?

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are filming a movie together that’s called Law Abiding Citizen and apparently, all does not go well between the two actors on the set. The two seem to be in some sort of juvenile pissing competition over the ladies and Jamie likes to go to Vegas, which is also complicating things. It all sounds really stupid and the fact that these two grown men have even taken to creating childish nicknames for each other just makes it all that much worse. Then again, I should have prefaced this all by saying that it was Star Magazine that originally reported the story. While Star has certainly turned accuracy into print before, they have also had their share of things that were slightly *ahem* off the mark. So you might still be able to like them both. Phew. From Star,

“Hollywood catfights aren’t just between the ladies! Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler have been going at it on the set of Law Abiding Citizen. An insider tells Star, “Jamie is jealous of the female attention Gerard gets. And Gerard is annoyed that Jamie’s always jetting off to Vegas to party.”

The Dueling duo even have pet names for each other: Gerard calls Jamie “The Fool”, and he’s known as “Ger-tard!”

“It’s like high school on this set!” says the source. Boys will be boys!”

Personally, I like them both the same so I can step out of line for the cat-fight I guess. I think they’re both okay actors and I think they’re both okay-looking. As for when or why Jamie goes to Vegas, I think if it’s a problem that’s interfering with the movie, it’s for the director to handle.

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