Oh, the Scandal!

Mel Gibson is weird. This is a guy that has been called every name in the book including a homophobic, an anti-Semite, and a sexist. Whatever way you look at it, the guy’s just weird. But it seems that to the list of derogatory names for Mel, we can also add cheat and homewrecker. It came out just a couple of weeks ago that Mel’s wife, Robyn, was filing for divorce and that she planned to take him for all he’s worth. She’s able to do so because Mel was just a little unknown working for a small theater company when he was first married and starting out and there was no way to tell that he would one day be worth a whopping $9 million. Because of this, there seemed no need for a prenup. But it seems now that it will be even easier for Robyn to make out like a bandit.

That reason can all be traced back to Mel Gibson’s stupidity. When Robyn filed for divorce she stated ‘irreconcilable differences’ and it seems those differences are the fact that Mel wants to sleep with Russian models and Robyn doesn’t want him to. Why? Other than the fact that he’s her husband? Because sometimes they get knocked up and then what are you supposed to do? From The Evil Beet,

“It’s being reported that the final insult which caused Robyn to pull the trigger on her divorce to Mel came when Russian T & A show Oksana Grigorieava began blabbing around town that she was pregnant with Mel’s child, and mad Mel actually moved the model into one a home that belongs to both him and his wife.”

Seriously? Really, what made him think that’s okay? Was his wife really supposed to be fine with his pregnant mistress living in a home that she owned? I know that they had oodles of property and so most likely not actually living together but still, come on! He got some woman pregnant! Oh, this will be a breeze for her.

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Boy she is ugly

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