Are Jessica and Tony in Trouble?

From her supposed ‘weight issues’ to the reality of her failing music career, Jessica Simpson has not had an easy go of things lately. And it seems to deal with things, she has gone the route of many other major stars – she has taken to partying until all hours and hitting the bottle – hard. But on top of all this, Jess also wants a husband and children which I find very strange. The girls that I’ve known that are most interested in partying and drinking are generally not looking to settle down. But apparently that’s the scoop. And Tony’s not prepared to do anything until Jessica is willing to put the bottle down. From Gossip Girls,

“It’s no secret that her career has taken a few hits as of late, and Jessica Simpson has reportedly turned to partying to cope.

However, the “Come on Over” songstress’ boyfriend Tony Romo is less than impressed with his gal’s behavior as of late, and he’s calling for it to stop.

An inside source told press, “Tony is fed up. She’s been pressuring him to marry her and have children, but he’s giving her a firm ‘no’ until she cleans up her act.”

The source continued, “Tony won’t even consider moving forward with Jess until she cuts back on partying.”

If any of this is true, I can’t say I really blame Tony. I wouldn’t want a drunk raising my kids either. Hopefully this is just acase of Jessica needing a way to deal with things for a little while and even more hopefully it’s a phase that she’s going to come out of real soon. Her boyfriend dumping her at this point may really send her over the edge.

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