Should Gwen be Mad at Gavin?

Wow – this is a shocker! It seems that way back before Gavin Rossdale married Gwenny-baby, he had a most serious relationship. Not news in itself, we all have pasts but this relationship was with a cross dresser, Peter Robinson, or Marilyn, whichever you decide to call him. Robinson is just coming out now with the news and I’m not really too sure why. Apparently he was asked years ago to keep it on the down-low and he’s complied up to this point. Why break the silence now? To make a quick buck? Perhaps. But his motivation aside, is this story really true? Are one of Hollywood’s fairy tale couples about to come to an end? From Right Celebrity,

“Marilyn, aka Peter Robinson, is alleging a five year romantic relationship with Gavin Rossdale. The rumors surfaced back in 1995, but were denied by both parties. Now Marilyn says that was done for Gavin’s career.

Marilyn, a cross dresser also known as Peter Robinson, is coming forward claiming that he and Gavin Rossdale were together for five years. The rumors first came into light in 1995 when Boy George’s biography, Take It Like a Man, was released and revealed that Marilyn and Gavin had a relationship in the 80’s. Both parties denied the claim, but now Marilyn says that was done for Gavin’s career.

“He was just becoming successful in America. I agreed to lie against every grain in my body. We were together five years, but it felt like forty. Marilyn added Rossdale “was the love of my life.”

Since then, Gavin married, and has two children with Gwen Stefani. The tow seem to be made for each other, making their high profile relationship seem effortless. It is unclear why Marilyn is coming forward with this information now, but the Indian Times is claiming that it is causing a rift in Gavin and Gwen’s marriage.”

This could really spell trouble for Gwen and Gavin if it turns out to be true and if it turns out to be something that Gwen didn’t know about. So should Gwen be mad? Well that all depends, doesn’t it? It’s not unheard of for people to have same-sex relationships only to end up with someone of the opposite sex. And if the story’s true and Gavin was straight-up about it with her before they got married, I don’t think she would be mad or should be mad. But if it’s true and he did keep it from her, that’s a major betrayal and one that could put them in major jeopardy.

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