No More Britney for Fred

Just a couple of weeks ago, it seemed that there may very soon be Fred Durst and Britney Spears rumors floating around when he spoke of the pop diva in an interview and talked about how much he still cared for her. Even though Britney has always denied that there was anything there, I was still hoping that […]

Miley Cyrus is so Young and Stupid

Miley Cyrus wants young girls to know that she’s going to make mistakes and that they should learn from them. But she doesn’t promise that she’s going to stop making mistakes. This is basically what she’s recently said in an interview when talking about being a role model. It’s unfortunate that Miley is the role model that she […]

Should Gwen be Mad at Gavin?

Wow – this is a shocker! It seems that way back before Gavin Rossdale married Gwenny-baby, he had a most serious relationship. Not news in itself, we all have pasts but this relationship was with a cross dresser, Peter Robinson, or Marilyn, whichever you decide to call him. Robinson is just coming out now with the news […]

Please tell me this is not happening

Although I have to say that I did actually feel kind of sorry for both parties after the whole Lohan/Ronson split (well mostly Lindsay, actually), I was also quite relieved that it was all over. No more drama, at least for the short time being, and no more rumors about how they broke up, had a fight, […]