This is Why I Won’t get a Tattoo

Okay the real reason why I absolutely will never, ever get a tattoo is because I have a pain threshold that’s lower than a housefly’s and I couldn’t see myself ever willingly allowing someone to poke me with a needle for hours on end. But – this other reason runs a close second – Because it’s permanent and something could go wrong. I don’t even mind the fact that tattoos are so permanent because I would obviously choose something that would have a lot of meaning for the rest of my life. But that’s what David Beckham did too and it still didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to. 

David and Victoria Beckham both have no problem inking away ontheir skin and they generally choose things that are very important to them too – their kids’ names, symbols of each other, etc. Well the Beckster recently decided that he wanted to think of his hot wife every time he looked down at his forearm and so he got her name tattooed on it. But there’s only one problem – it’s spelled wrong. Bahahaha! From Celebitchy,

“America’s leading Hindu scholars are urging top tattoo artists to read up on their Sanskrit after noticing inked text on Rihanna and David Beckham’s skin is misspelled.

According to the experts, Beckham’s tattoo tribute to his wife Victoria is incorrect – as is one of Rihanna’s new spiritual etchings. Acclaimed Hindu statesman Raman Zed says, “We are all for the celebrity interest in Hinduism and our sacred texts, but celebrity tattoo artists worldwide really should undertake some basic training in ancient Sanskrit language and culture to get this right.”

Zed insists it must be embarrassing for the stars when they realize permanent marks on their skin are incorrect. He adds, “Rihanna has two Sanskrit prayer tattoos – her latest is misspelled. And David Beckham has his wife Victoria’s name in Devnagri script, which is commonly used to write Sanskrit, on his arm – its wrong! The tattoo on his left forearm misspells Victoria with an added ‘h’ – as in ‘Vihctoria’.”

But fortunately for stars like Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee and The X Files star Gillian Anderson, their prayer tattoos are all correct. Zed tells WENN, “I won’t tell you what they all mean – because I’m sure they’re very special to the individuals. We are delighted that so many celebrities choose to pay tribute to Hinduism with tattoos. We only ask that the tattoo artists take the trouble to get it right.”

I think the tattoo artist is definitely at fault but I don’t think that you can overlook the blame on David’s part either. If I was going to get a tattoo and it was in another language, you can be damn sure that I’m going to know exactly how it’s supposed to look and what it’s supposed to say. I just don’t trust anyone with my skin enough to leave it up to their good know-how.

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#1 Hil on 04.27.09 at 11:12 am

As a tattoo artist, I just have to add my 2 cents… when someone wants a design in a different language, it is their responsibility to make sure that the translation is correct. I warn people who ask for those sort of designs that I DO NOT speak the language, and reccomend they find a person who can. It really irks me seeing people getting tattoos in languages they don’t understand, from a culture they know nothing about for the sake of seeming mysterious (or because they don’t wan’t people to know it’s their wifes name on their arm). The artist shouldn’t be expected to know every foreign language that comes through the door… if we were, I’d have to know how to speak Japanese & Mandarin, for all the kanji that comes in, latin, sanskrit, the list goes on. If the client is daft enough to get the design without checking and re-checking their references, then they deserve to wear a misspelt tattoo for the rest of their ignorant lives.

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