Does Rihanna have a New Beau?

Well if Chris Brown is going to move on, so is Rihanna! She has recently been reported to be broken-hearted over the fact that Chris was seeing other women but it seems as though Rihanna may be finding a shoulder to cry on and it’s that of Lakers star, Andrew Bynum. For the moment, they’ve only had dinner together but […]

This is Why I Won’t get a Tattoo

Okay the real reason why I absolutely will never, ever get a tattoo is because I have a pain threshold that’s lower than a housefly’s and I couldn’t see myself ever willingly allowing someone to poke me with a needle for hours on end. But – this other reason runs a close second – Because […]

JT & JB Haven’t Broken Up Yet

I’m not really too sure why but it will bring me much sick and twisted pleasure when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel break up. Maybe it’s because they’re so sticky sweet and gushy all the time about each other that it makes me want to vomit or maybe it’s just because they are so totally and completely […]