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One of Britney’s latest legal issues, the restraining order she’s trying to permanently obtain against Sam Lutfi and his lawyer, is being held up due to the fact that Sam had been trying to push for Brit to testify in court. I can completely see why he would want this. Obviously, he’s hoping that with some really hard questions she would completely fall apart on the stand and ruin her credibility. Well I guess a judge has decided that she’s done enough damage in that department herself because he has ruled in her favor that no, she will not be ordered to testify. Score another for Brit, and another loss for loser Sam Lutfi. From Contact Music,

“BRITNEY SPEARS has escaped testifying in her ongoing battle to win permanent restraining orders against three of her former companions – a judge has declared she is not fit to take the stand.
The star’s father, Jamie Spears, who has been appointed conservator of her estate, took to the courts earlier this year (Jan09) in a bid to extend protective orders against former manager Sam Lutfi, lawyer Jon Eardley, and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.
A Los Angeles judge last month (Mar09) granted the restraining order against Ghalib, which will be in place for three years.
But Lutfi and Eardley are still contesting the case in court, with Eardley filing papers demanding the singer testify at the hearing.
Eardley, the attorney Spears allegedly hired to fight her conservatorship case in 2008, argued that if the Toxic hitmaker is well enough to perform a major tour, she should be able to attend court and give evidence.
But Eardley’s request has been denied by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Akiva Bobb, who upheld a previous ruling on Tuesday (21Apr09) that states Spears isn’t mentally fit to make her own legal decisions.
The judge told the court, “There was a finding of a judge of the Superior Court that she lacks the capacity to testify.”
Temporary restraining orders against the menwere extended until April 28 (09), when the judge will hear rebuttal arguments before making a final decision.”

Upon first reading this story, I was actually kind of on the side of Sam Lutfi. I mean, if she’s capable to perform in front of 30,000 – 70,000 people every night, sure she should be able to testify in court. BUT! I had to change my mind after reading what the judge told the court about how another judge has found that Britney is unable to make decisions for herself. I do actually think that Britney is probably able to make her own decisions and I do think she could take the stand just fine and knock them all on their asses but because her dad has conservatorship over her, she actually is considered to be legally incapable of taking care of herself and so, it makes sense then that she shouldn’t have to testify.

I mean good God, it’s been long enough that Britney has had a legal guardian in her adult life and has had to answer to someone about everything. And now that she really is sane and capable but still has this crappy conservatorship hanging over her head, I’m just glad to see that she’s actually getting some benefit from it!

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