I Guess Jen Doesn’t Like All Those Pictures

Every time we see Jennifer Garner picking up her daughter Violet from preschool or art classes, they both have ear-to-ear smiles and they are at the same time, of course, showing off their cute dimples! But all of the smiling and laughing seems to all just be a farce as Jen doesn’t really approve of the paparazzi following her and her little girl around everywhere they go. This is what Jen says to In Style,

“I try not to look, but when I see these [paparazzi] pictures of Violet and me, I’m always smiling like a monkey, trying not to let her feel my anxiety. That was some really good advice I got about dealing with it. But now that she’s older, she’s more able to articulate that she doesn’t like it. She’ll say to them, ‘Please stop flashing your camera in my face,’ but they won’t stop. Then she’ll say, ‘I don’t understand, Mommy. I said please!’ It’s just twisted.”

Aw, I never think that Jennifer looks like a monkey and I think it’s so cute that kids are so innocent that they don’t understand why ‘please’ just doesn’t work sometimes. I guess I should apologize to Jen for posting all those pics of her and Violet and encouraging the paps to keep taking pics. It’s just because we love you so much, Jen!

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