The Newest in Britney

One of Britney’s latest legal issues, the restraining order she’s trying to permanently obtain against Sam Lutfi and his lawyer, is being held up due to the fact that Sam had been trying to push for Brit to testify in court. I can completely see why he would want this. Obviously, he’s hoping that with some really hard questions […]

Angelina is Leaving Things to Brad and the Nannies

If I were Angelina and I had just caught Brad Pitt cheating on me with our nanny, I probably wouldn’t leave them at home alone together. But it seems that Angelina has no interest in staying at home and spending time with all those babies that they collected because she can’t stop herself from making movies! Since the […]

Julie Chen is Pregnant

Faithful followers of Big Brother will be delighted to know that the show’s host, Julie Chen, is expecting her first child with her husband, Les Moonves. Julie has already said that she will still be doing the show this year which is also good news for the show’s regular viewers, me being one of them. The show just […]

I Guess Jen Doesn’t Like All Those Pictures

Every time we see Jennifer Garner picking up her daughter Violet from preschool or art classes, they both have ear-to-ear smiles and they are at the same time, of course, showing off their cute dimples! But all of the smiling and laughing seems to all just be a farce as Jen doesn’t really approve of the paparazzi […]

Ellen Pompeo is Having a Baby!

Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo is having a baby and it is the first for her and her husband, Chris Ivery. The two are practically still newlyweds, as they were married in 2007 but according to Ellen, it’s time to get started. And that they did! From Bump Shack, “We enjoy our life so much,” Pompeo said in […]