The Rimes’ Sham Continues

Everything with LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Dean Sheremet, is fine, just fine. Never mind the fact that a month ago she had a hot, hot affair with her costar or the fact that LeAnn is unhappy in her marriage. Everything is fine. That’s what the couple wants you to believe anyway. But these two just don’t sound happy and I find it hard to believe that a marriage can bounce back from something like that in a month’s time. From Gossip Girls,

“The singer-actress recently opened up saying she’s “actually really great” despite the fallout from her affair with fellow Lifetime movie actor, Eddie Cibrian. And as for her hubby, Dean Sheremet, he says their marriage is “all good” these days.

In an interviewwith the Associated Press to promote her new book, “What I Cannot Change,” Rimes, 26, reflects on her relationship with Sheremet, whom she wed when she was just 19.

“You really realize these small things that we obsess over are really small,” Rimes says while avoiding discussing Cibrian directly. “We could look in the negative way or choose to look at things in a positive light. But I’m trying to rewire my brain to look at positive things every day of my life.”

I know that marriage means work but it doesn’t actually mean that you need to rewire your brain? Or that you need to try and find the positive things in life? If you’re in a marriage and you still need to search for the positivity in life, maybe you’re married to the wrong person. This all just sounds like a lot of forced words to me, on both of their parts.

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